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The following is an excerpt from Runway Girl Network's blog post, RGN Live at APEX: Day 1.

Guestlogix unveils nextgen airline commerce app

Guestlogix is moving beyond point-of-sale and showing its next-generation airline commerce app, which includes not only the usual set of buy-on-board options for integration with the airline’s app, but pre-flight shopping and ancillary buy-up too. Senior vice president for product and marketing showed Runway Girl Network around the new system, live at the APEX Expo.

The appeal for passengers is strong. Sitting at the gate and want priority boarding? Sold. Want to pre-book a drink? Sold — and the flight attendant serving you is notified how many you’ve already had.

Airlines, too, benefit from a new generation of management information, for flight attendants, for catering operators, and for headquarters. Clear, retail-style analytics help executives to make smart decisions based on real data. And it all integrates with devices passengers already trust and, in many cases, use to make payments with technologies like Apple Pay.



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