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Long Beach, CA. September 27, 2017 - For over a decade, Guestlogix has been developing onboard retail solutions that help airlines across the globe grow inflight sales, uncover new revenue streams and transform how they sell. Now, for the first time, the company is unveiling its powerful new airline commerce platform at Airline Passenger Experience (APEX) EXPO from September 26-28. With this platform, Guestlogix is enabling flight attendants to deliver a satisfying inflight experience, increase onboard sales, and streamline operations, all with a simple and intuitive mobile app.

Airlines are missing out on ancillary revenue due to inefficient inventory management, lack of personalization in what they offer, and the limitation of flight crews. Flight attendants are (rightly) preoccupied with fully-booked flights and safety obligations – they have limited time to “wait tables” on passengers. Flight attendants need better technology to provide faster inflight service so they can focus on creating a more satisfying passenger experience.

With the flight attendant mobile app, flight attendants can sign in to Guestlogix’s airline commerce platform on the airline's device of choice, open and close ordering with a single touch, quickly review passenger orders (including pre-orders), and monitor inventory. The platform’s machine learning algorithms help airlines stock inventory intelligently based on deep customer data, so flight attendants can spend more time up-selling and cross-selling passengers and providing fast, efficient service.

The airline commerce platform is built around passenger-level data: data that can be turned into business intelligence, and into more effective, profitable sales and marketing campaigns on each flight. In addition, the platform is a fully integrated suite, meaning each touchpoint – flight attendant app, passenger app, management console – is designed to execute a seamless, intuitive and frictionless path to customer satisfaction and ancillary revenue.

Flight attendants are the “face” of an airline and they need a direct channel to manage customer orders quickly and easily while boosting sales. The flight attendant app enables that inflight efficiency and makes the entire experience of air travel more enjoyable, satisfying and profitable. Guestlogix is ushering in a new era of airline commerce and customer satisfaction – Guestlogix can empower your airline’s flight attendants with the technology and capabilities they need to sell in the sky.

For more information visit www.guestlogix.com and if you are in Long Beach for APEX EXPO stop by the Guestlogix booth (1045) for a product demo.

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