The Problem We’re Solving

We are all about helping travelers experience the world stress free

Travel should be stress-free and fun yet many aspects just suck, meaning millions of us never get to fully immerse ourselves and experience the places we go. In a perfect world, the needs of passengers are anticipated and are provided with personalized offers, information and recommendations that they’ll actually appreciate.

We’ve built a platform connecting travelers to the travel industry in a brand new way. Putting the traveler experience first again, while creating additional revenue streams for our customers and partners.

gCREW Life

We love it, but we’re not for everyone.

We’re solving an extremely complex problem. There’s new challenges every day; it’s intense and uncomfortable when you’re growing this fast. We debate and we argue in search of the best ideas.

We are a full trust, value obsessed, dream team.


Full Trust

We fundamentally believe that our team will act in the best interest of Guestlogix. We move faster, and with less process.


Value Obsessed

We measure the value created, not just what gets done. Fail fast, learn faster.


Dream Team

All dream team members are exceptionally talented and collaborative. No matter how good we are, we strive to be better.

gCREW Perks

Of course, we do the basic benefit and perks: health & dental insurance, learning expense account, relocation costs, RRSP program, events etc.

But we also do travel perks. It’s who we are, it’s what we do. We want our team exploring, and inspired by the traveler journey.


Vacation Boost: take your time off to the next level by using credits on cool offers within our internal app to enhance your trip.


Work from Anywhere: forget work from home, we encourage you to work from bucket list destinations.