About Us

We are on a mission to improve the travel experience by personalizing and delighting travelers at every step along their journey. For travellers, that means making travel stress free. For airlines, that means driving ancillary revenue and customer loyalty.

Guestlogix is a Travel Commerce company whose platform helps airlines to significantly increase ancillary revenues while improving traveler satisfaction across their entire journey.

Powered by AI and machine learning, we enable airlines to introduce digital concierge services to passengers that deliver highly relevant, personalized information and offers. With our extensive marketplace of bookable content, ancillary revenue teams can offer the products and services travelers are looking for at every phase of their journey, from planning through to the end of their trip.

Our Story

Guestlogix might not be a name you recognize outside of the airline industry, a company who’s technology has absolutely been part of your travel experience.

Over a decade ago, Guestlogix helped create the “cashless cabin” - transforming how travelers could pay for goods onboard any flight and reinventing how airlines managed and monetized inflight point of sale and retail programs.


  • Worked with over 60 Airlines
  • Serving upwards of 2.4M travelers a day
  • Processing payments across 144 countries

Leveraging our point of sales expertise that disrupted inflight retail, we have dramatically extended our vision and offering to expand beyond the cabin to span a traveler’s entire journey - from planning and traveling through experiencing the destination and returning home.


Recommend bookings based on interests in various ancillary products.


Booking upsell, cross sell and bundling ancillaries like inflight meal, transportation, etc. with ticket purchase.


Personalized offers of things to do as travelers plan their trip – lounge access, activities, tours, ground transportation, etc


Personalized a la carte and other offers (priority boarding, food and beverage, etc.) relative to where the traveler is on their day of journey.


Continued digital concierge services while in destination recommending things to do, places to see, events, etc.

Guestlogix is enabling airlines to unlock new revenue opportunities while improving customer satisfaction at every step of a traveler’s journey.

Our story wasn’t without some turbulence - check out this post for an in-depth look at our transformation.

gCREW Culture

It is our culture that will allow us to grow and innovate - fast.

We follow in the footsteps of Netflix culture where we will always put people over process. With that inspiration, we’re building a full trust, value obsessed, dream team.

Team Team


We’re backed by a group of experienced investors who support our long-term success including Jason Chapnik, Scott Reid, James Merkur. Intercap equity has seen success advising startups like Docebo, Nulogy, and Resolver.

Ready to change the travel industry? Join us!