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In partnership with Advica, Guestlogix customers can extend 24x7 access to medical professionals that look after the care and logistics of any health-related issue that comes up during their travels.

The new realities of travel have introduced a whole new set of stresses, anxieties and concerns for consumers as they consider how to safely travel again. Near, if not at the top of that list, are worries about their health and what to do if they find themselves needing health related answers while travelling to a foreign country. 

To help address, Guestlogix has partnered with Advica Health - a leading provider of telehealth services for more than 10 years and is backed by a network of leading clinics, doctors, specialists, caregivers and home support - to meet the the specific needs of passengers and airlines by making their services available on a trip by trip basis.

“Navigating the healthcare system in countries like the US and elsewhere while traveling can be daunting - prescription refills, accessing health care professionals or medical advice, translating diagnosis and prescriptions can quickly turn time consuming and costly to those that don’t intimately know the system. Adding Advica to a trip will reduce stress and provide peace of mind for passengers.”  Justin Lagtapon, Product Manager

Now airlines can offer customers peace of mind while travelling, giving them 24x7 access to doctors and nurses during their trip. Instantly available by phone or text message, health practitioners are at the ready to help with diagnosis, prescription, arranging for COVID test/results, support, logistics, management and guidance in navigating the healthcare system while travelling and more, saving both time and money for travellers.

"The Advica Travel team is excited to be working with Guestlogix to tailor our virtual health offerings for their airline partners and travellers. We recognize that this has been an especially challenging year for the travel industry, and our OnCall Health program aims to ease any travel anxieties by providing travellers with 24/7 virtual healthcare support"  Kevin Brady, President, Advica Travel

The Guestlogix Travel Commerce Platform is an extensive marketplace of bookable products and services travelers are looking for at every phase of their journey, from planning through to the end of their trip. The new Advica Telehealth service is now available as part the travel related products and services in our platform.

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