One of the most beautiful things about air travel is it's ability to make this gigantic world seem just a little bit smaller. Foreign countries and cultures are suddenly in reach, and many find themselves packing their bags for an extended stay or move overseas. But seeing the world doesn't come without sacrifice and more likely than not, it means you're leaving friends and family at home. This is why the price of flights sky rocket when demand drastically increases with passengers from around the world attempting to get home for the holidays. For some, this means that making that trip just isn't an affordable option.

The Maple Leaf is a bar in London, England where "Canadians come together for a taste of home." During the festive season, many Canucks mend their homesick hearts over a pint with others who are also feeling the void of their friends and family. But little did the crowd on November 27th, 2014 know that Air Canada was about to seriously put Santa to shame.

Pilots and flight attendants from the Canadian airline headed to the bar with one mission: get these Canadians home.

"Because we are in the holiday season, I'd like to take this occasion to offer everyone present this evening a round... " - Pilot #1

( wasn't a pint)

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