With the end of the year comes a time of reflection, but with this #SkyStat we're all about looking to the future.  We've been busy putting all the plans in place for our team to head into 2018 without skipping a beat! But Guestlogix isn't the only thing that's built up some serious momentum this year. Our friends at IdeaWorks have pulled together an overview of the upward trends in airline ancillary revenue!

The predictions present what is a huge opportunity for the industry, so long as the airlines know how to take advantage of it. With ancillary revenue on track to spike by 22% from 2016, there are over $80 billion dollars to be made. But what does this mean for passengers? At first glance, these numbers highlight the already frustrating stress of being forced to pay for goods that were previously included in ticket prices like snacks and baggage.

We believe the key is the experience. Airlines need to increase their passenger's experience to match what they are being given on the ground by brands like Starbucks and Amazon in order to have them willingly part with their dollars. And we've built the solution to allow airlines to do just that. Shameless Plus: Join us this Wednesday, Dec 13th for a live walk through of our new Airline Commerce Platform to fully understand how you can turn the numbers below into opportunity for you!


Global Ancillary Revenue Predictions Global Ancillary Revenue Predictions


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