This week, we put Sarah on the map by sharing a bit about what she does and why she does it. Sarah is our Director of Acquisition and Growth and calls Madrid, Spain her home - and her home, her office. That’s a long way of saying that Sarah is remote and works from anywhere. Her job duties keep her on the road a fair bit, visiting with clients and attending industry events, but she has tons of extra time to enjoy the travel experience. That’s kind of an important thing, when your company makes travel technology. Sarah is working out of our Toronto office this week, which has given me the time to sit down with her to talk about her experiences working at Guestlogix.

Favourite tourist thing to do

Surfing on the Atlantic.

abigail-lynn-VAggpKuA2zU-unsplash (1)Inspirational quote

 ThumbsUp_4“Everything will be ok in the end. If it’s not ok… It’s not the end!”

Ask and answers

WM: What’s a normal day like for you?

SB: Define “normal”. No two days are similar in my world. That is what I love the most about my job! I am on the road so often that the world itself has become my home. I have the privilege to enjoy so much travel, airplanes have become my secondary residence. And I wouldn't want it any other way! Working from wherever my suitcase hits the floor gives me the flexibility to devote myself 100% to my objectives, while balancing my personal activities. 

WM: How does you job fit in with your work/life balance?

SB: Being able to quench my thirst for travel, work from any coffee shop, library, airport in the world and be able to drive my career with the same amount of passion (if not more) is priceless. I enjoy surfing, the great outdoors and discovering new people and cultures. We have some amazing clients around the globe and they make the work worthwhile. Getting to help airlines and passengers experience better travel is the main part. Being a traveler myself, I can totally understand - firsthand - the impact of what our company can do. 

WM: What excites you about working at Guestlogix?

 I love the dynamism of our team – there’s never a dull moment. Everyday is a new adventure, an opportunity to dream big, to connect with inspiration! We have a great team of people here, all devoted to the same goals and set of values, and we keep communication a priority, which is important for those of us who aren’t in the head office all the time.

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