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According to the London School of Economics, inflight broadband could create a $130 billion global market within the next 20 years, resulting in $30 billion of additional revenue for airlines by 2035. Why will inflight connectivity have such a huge impact on airline revenue? Because it solves two problems at once: first, putting customer data to use via passenger mobile apps for IFEC content, and second, turning onboard cart service into a digital sales process tied to customer data and mobile payments. This blog picks up on our series about the new Guestlogix airline commerce platform. You can read the first post in this series here, and the second post here.

With our airline commerce platform, carriers can build onboard retail around passenger-level data: data that can be turned into business intelligence and into more effective sales and marketing campaigns on each flight. The platform is a fully integrated suite, meaning each touchpoint – passenger experience app, flight attendant point-of-sale app, management console – is designed to create a seamless, intuitive and frictionless path to ancillary merchandise and revenue.

In this post we will look at the last two platform components: flight attendant point-of-sale app and management console.

Flight Attendant Point-of-Sale App

Flight attendants are (rightly) preoccupied with fully-booked flights and safety obligations – they have limited time to “wait tables” on passengers. They need better technology to provide faster inflight service so they can focus on creating a more satisfying passenger experience.

With the flight attendant mobile app, flight attendants can sign in to the Guestlogix airline commerce platform on the airline's device of choice, open and close ordering with a single touch, quickly review passenger orders (including pre-orders), and monitor inventory. The platform’s machine learning algorithms help airlines stock inventory intelligently based on deep customer data, so flight attendants can spend more time up-selling and cross-selling passengers and providing fast, efficient service.

Management Console

Airlines are missing out on ancillary revenue due to inefficient inventory management, lack of personalization in what they offer, and the limitation of flight crews. In short, they lack the tools to do true retailing, which is increasingly dependent on customer data analytics. The Guestlogix management console makes it easy for flight crews and sales and marketing teams to monitor sales performance across flights and run personalized, data-driven campaigns based on predictive analytics.

“Insights” is the tool group within the management console that enables airlines to manage their operations and build campaigns all in one platform, including reports, snapshots, performance, and forecasting. With the management console, airlines can use customer data in real-time for…

  • Personalized, context-aware sales and marketing campaigns
  • Learning from past customer behavior
  • Predicting future behavior
  • Creating “people like me” personas
  • Easily connecting data to loyalty programs and other channels/partners

Passenger-centric retail analytics is uncharted territory in the airline industry – this is what sets the Guestlogix airline commerce platform apart from competing point-of-sale solutions. 

You can schedule a demo to learn how the Guestlogix airline commerce platform is helping airlines deliver a better experience to their passengers and increase their ancillary revenues, in and out of the cabin.

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