In last week's Sky Stat, we dove into what travelers value in general when they're booking flights. This week, we're going to dive a little bit deeper and break it down by traveler persona.

Based on the study by Amadeus, there are four main types of travelers: business, frequent flyer, family, and budget. Each traveler has different needs and wants when it comes to booking air travel. Most of these preferences can be broken down into three categories: convenience, product, and service.

Convenience features include things like flight time, stopover time, ease of booking, distance from airport, accessibility from airport, and seat reservation. Product features include things like legroom, aircraft type, seat comfort, food and drink, amenity kits, free baggage allowance, destination, and loyalty points. And service features include things like option for self check-in, mobile boarding pass, pre-clearance of customs, fast-track security, speedy boarding, exceptional staff, and unique touches.

Out of the personas, the business traveler tended to lean more heavily towards favoring airlines with better convenience, the frequent flyer airlines with a better product, and the family traveler airlines with better service. The outlier of the bunch is the budget traveler who really didn't care about any of the above just as long as their flight was as cheap as possible.

Here's a further breakdown of the personas plus their thoughts on how easy it is to find information about what they value most when searching online:

Traveler Personas

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