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New airline commerce platform transforms how airlines use passenger data for sales & marketing, customer relationship management and higher revenues 

Barcelona, Spain. October 24, 2017 –Guestlogix, the global provider of airline commerce technology and a pioneer in onboard retailing and ancillary revenue generation, will be in attendance for IATA World Passenger Symposium (WPS) in Barcelona on October 24-26, unveiling for the first time its new airline commerce platform for carriers in the European Union.

In a region where the largest airline – an ultra-low-cost carrier – has succeeded with a business model based on ancillary revenues, European airlines urgently need a new approach to “selling in the sky.” Guestlogix is leveraging its technology and retail expertise to transform how airlines sell to passengers.

“The business model of air travel is fundamentally changing, and as airlines increasingly unbundle fares, they are putting more responsibility for passenger experience on passengers themselves,” said Mike Abramsky, CEO of Guestlogix. “Unfortunately, this can be perceived negatively as ‘nickel and diming’ rather than airline commerce. To change this perception, airlines need a new data-driven, customer-centric approach to ancillary revenue with the personalization and engagement of leading retailers like Starbucks and Amazon.”

Aligning passenger experience and retail best practices without sacrificing margins  

The Guestlogix airline commerce platform allows airlines to ‘consumerize’ the passenger experience with a direct channel to passengers for sales & marketing, frictionless payments, personalized in-flight offers and data-driven analytics to forecast inventory and offer more relevant ancillaries. 

The two major operational components of the platform are a flight attendant POS and a consumer-facing passenger app. The passenger mobile app serves as a personal concierge allowing the user to browse the onboard catalog, make purchases easily with multiple payment methods and currencies, and take control of their comfort and stress with personalized, relevant offerings. Flight attendants can access the platform through the POS app on the airline’s device of choice, open and close ordering with a single touch, quickly review passenger orders (including pre-orders) and monitor inventory.

  • Multiple Currencies – Accept multiple currencies onboard and allow passengers to pay for one order with multiple currencies, with European and worldwide tax model support.
  • Multiple Payment Forms – Secure credit card payments, chip and PIN, tap to pay, cash, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, WeChat, Alipay, Vouchers/Coupons, and integrations with loyalty and mileage to support “pay with points” scenarios.
  • Cash Reconciliation – Full one-click cash and inventory reconciliation based on sales and deposits reported onboard, with the ability to auto-reconcile or manually reconcile cash, change status for further review as required and raise/follow-up on discrepancies.


IATA World Passenger Symposium in Barcelona is the first chance for airlines in the EU to get “under the hood” of the platform and see what Guestlogix can do to improve passenger experience and drive airline revenues. Currently in pre-release, launch partners and existing airline customers will be deploying the new platform through Q4, with the full commercial release scheduled for January 15, 2018.

For more information about the company’s new airline commerce platform or to speak with Guestlogix’ CEO Mike Abramsky, please contact Vanessa Horwell at vhorwell@thinkinkpr.com. 

Guestlogix, Powering a New Era in Airline Commerce

Built on the rails of the best on-the-ground e-commerce technologies that include passenger analytics and product mix optimization, data-driven sales and marketing tools and comprehensive payment functionality, the Guestlogix airline commerce platform enables airlines to increase ancillary revenue through an integrated, data-driven and customer-centric approach to onboard retail. Combining passenger-level data with an intelligent, “big data” analysis layer and integrations with airlines’ operational systems including loyalty, ERP, booking and departure control, the SaaS-based platform enables airlines to create a stress-free travel experience for their passengers. Guestlogix solutions are designed to be deployed and configured with speed, ease and minimal IT integration, to be intuitive and enjoyable to use, and to deliver results. For airlines, that means significant increases in ancillary revenues and customer loyalty. For passengers, that means having control, comfort and choice. Headquartered in Toronto with teams in Dallas, London and Hong Kong, Guestlogix serves more than 2M passengers per day, counts 30+ airlines as customers serving 144 countries, and holds 90 payment certifications. Visit www.guestlogix.com to learn more.

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