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Dublin, June 26, 2017 - Guestlogix, the Canadian technology company long recognized as a global leader in onboard merchandising, payments and retailing solutions for the airline industry, will be unveiling its new brand vision for helping the airline industry at the Future Travel Experience conference in Dublin today.

Led by a new management team and CEO Mike Abramsky, Guestlogix is developing a new airline retailing platform that includes passenger analytics and product-mix optimization, comprehensive payment functionality and everything needed for airlines to deliver the best in-flight experience to their passengers.

“There’s never been a more critical time – or opportunity – for airlines to invest in solutions that improve the onboard retail experience for their customers,” said CEO Mike Abramsky. “Airlines want to put customer satisfaction at the heart of their operations, but it takes the right technology – and strategic vision – raise revenues without hurting customer satisfaction.”

With the airline ancillary revenue market expected to almost double from $67B (USD) today to $180B by 2020, Guestlogix believes its solutions will improve both the passenger experience and airlines’ approach to ancillary revenues and profits.

“As many travellers will attest, there has never been a bigger gap between passengers’ expectations of service and the service that airlines are delivering,” says Abramsky. “What passengers want today is a travel experience akin to the convenience and ease of their 'on-the-ground' mobile retail experiences with Amazon, Starbucks and Uber, to name a few.”

Having pioneered the concept of onboard payments and retailing over a decade ago, Guestlogix is building on the company’s heritage to develop solutions that will help airlines ‘close the gap’ in passenger experience and transform their operational approach to retailing, support airline revenue goals, and empower all airline staff, from ground crew and gate agents to flight attendants and passenger experience specialists.

With a new brand, new leadership, and a renewed mission to help airlines capture the highest ancillary revenues while delivering an incredible passenger experience, the company envisions a new era for the airline industry, where technology drives strategy and where passenger satisfaction, loyalty and revenues rise together.

“We believe that by delivering the products that passengers want and services they need, airlines can get closer to their customers and uncover more ways to be relevant, while increasing ancillary revenues," Abramsky says.

For more information about the company, please visit www.guestlogix.com. To request an interview with Guestlogix CEO, Mike Abramsky please contact Vanessa Horwell at vhorwell@thinkinkpr.com.

Guestlogix, Transforming the Airline Travel Experience

Guestlogix is a global leader in onboard solutions for the airline industry, serving more than 2M passengers each day across 30 airlines and 144 countries. The company’s scalable retail platform transforms the airline travel experience by enabling choice and comfort for passengers, while driving profitable revenue for airlines. For over 10 years, Guestlogix has been empowering airlines, passengers, suppliers, content providers, logistics personnel, and other key stakeholders to succeed in the complex world of onboard retailing with a suite of data-driven, customer-centric tools. The corporate headquarters is in Toronto, Canada, with skilled teams in Dallas, London and Hong Kong.  Visit www.guestlogix.com to learn more.

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