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The Guestlogix team will be in full force at the combined Passenger Experience and Passenger Technology Solutions conferences at WTCE in Hamburg this year. We’ll be joined by innovators from across the airline industry, including Boeing and Cathay Pacific as well as IFEC pioneers like Gogo. Some of the topics for discussion will include:

  • Three Considerations for a Great End-to-End Travel Experience
  • Flexible Cabins and Services - Opportunities to Innovate
  • Data-driven Technology Delivering Personalised Experiences Onboard
  • Make It Responsive and Personal - Next Steps for IFEC
  • Building the Definitive Autonomous Passenger Experience

On April 9, Guestlogix SVP of Product & Marketing, Robin Hopper, will be joining Gary Edwards, PhD, and a panel of industry experts to address a huge challenge – and opportunity – for airlines, which is how to tap into the goldmine of passenger data and transform that knowledge into personalized airline commerce. On April 12, Robin will be hitting the stage again to discuss“One-on-one retailing throughout the travel journey” and how smart use of data and mobile apps can empower airlines and passengers throughout the journey and boost ancillary revenue.

Here are some of the questions that’ll be explored in these sessions…

  • What are the technical solutions that will support more relevant real-time offers to passengers?
  • How will brand partnerships support innovations in airline/airport retail engagement?
  • What will be required from service teams and cabin crews to support and fulfill new types of digital retail engagement?
  • How do you integrate and manage payment technology and processes across passenger touchpoints?

Join us in Hamburg April 9 and April 12 for lively discussions and networking. You can learn more about our new airline commerce platform and visit our booth any time: #PTS67 in the passenger Technology Solutions hall.

Passenger Self-Service & Retail Data Analytics for Airlines

One of the conference topics mentioned above (autonomous PaxEx) is particularly relevant to Guestlogix and the problems we’re helping airlines solve. Today’s passengers are embracing easy-to-use digital concierge apps that make self-service easier. Not just on the plane but also while going through airport security or tracking their baggage from airport to airport.

With a true passenger mobile app, airlines can expand ancillary revenue opportunities to before, during and after the flight – finally innovating with onboard retail programs that have been stagnant for years. Best of all, passenger apps can make the passenger journey a lot simpler and less frustrating.

So far, airlines have been innovative in unbundling fares and monetizing a là carte services. But they haven’t been able to really “own” passenger data to understand what passengers will pay for, and plan inventory accordingly. Airlines are missing the passenger-facing technology they need to use customer data for real-time offers, up-selling and cross-selling. In fact, the airline industry needs a larger vision for data analytics to help inform revenue strategy for onboard cart service, airport inventory management, IFEC strategy, IROP services and frequent flyer personalization.

From the passenger perspective, the day of travel has become more of a stressful and frustrating ordeal than a comfortable journey. Passengers want more control directly from their smartphones, such as paying for priority meal service before the flight. At the same time, they are looking to airlines to take more responsibility for passenger experience across the day of travel – and are willing to stay loyal to airlines that consistently meet their needs.

Which ancillary revenue-driving approaches will resonate most with passengers? That’s far from a settled question, but we look forward to discussing the topic at PEC and PTS in Hamburg. See you there!

Let’s Meet in Hamburg

If you plan on attending either conference, let’s set up a time to discuss your airline’s onboard retail, ancillary revenue and passenger experience needs.

Not attending? No worries – you can still set up a time to learn about our solutions virtually in your own personalized demo.



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