Justin Lagtapon has been busy building and testing our travel commerce platform to ensure that it functions at top capacity for our airline clients and their passengers. Just recently, he was out on the town enjoying a tour that he booked through the Guestlogix platform. We have access to what we call a gCrew app that is basically an internal version of the platform that we offer to the travel industry. The best thing is that we all get discounts on travel products and experiences as well as a $1000 spending allowance that we can use around the globe. I know, right - pretty sweet deal. In this edition of On the Map, we sit down with Justin to learn a bit more about what he does here in the Toronto office and also what drives him to do the work that he loves to do.

Favourite tourist thing to do

When it was just my wife and I, we’d opt for city/country hopping on our vacations. Although both detail-oriented and methodical in our work world, we didn’t plan ahead and rather, we’d wander off-the-beaten path spots for food, culture, and shopping. So much so that when we were in Cannes during the film festival and Monaco for the Grand Prix, we did neither activity and instead stumbled upon small boutiques for cheese tastings and small shops.

Now with 2 children under 4 years old, we’ve slowed down and you’ll find me at an all inclusive not moving from my spot on the beach - with drinks in hand.


Inspirational quote

Deathstar-2“That’s no moon.” - Obi-wan Kenobi. It’s a friendly reminder to look deeper than first impressions in all things life. That, and I have a Death Star tattooed on my arm.

Ask and answers

WM: What are you working on right now?

JL: Establishing the foundation for the product recommendation engine of our retail platform is one of my current focuses. Our platform can really understand what a traveler is looking for on his or her vacation, then match the traveler to the thousands of activities to choose from, and then present the offers in an engaging manner to entice the purchase.

WM: Tell us about the value of launching the gCrew app?

JL: I see two big wins with launching gCrew:

  1. Proving to everyone at Guestlogix that we can do it. We’re making a big shift in what we’re historically known for and being able to launch the gCrew gives something everyone can rally behind.
  2. Data, data, and data. Did I mention data? From behind the scenes, to numbers, and personal feedback. Having the info on how the platform is used and performs provides valuable insights to make better decisions. It helps us move building a product from a certain point of view to a data-informed roadmap.

WM: What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

JL: The team makes me feel stupid every day, in the best way possible. Everyone’s ability to synthesize information and their experiences in order to figure out challenging problems motivates me and when I can see that we’re all chugging along, it’s impressive... most impressive.

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