This month we’ve seen some great campaigns run by a handful of our favorite airlines. Air Canada brought people home for the holidays, WestJet brought childhood imagination to life, and United created a magical flight to the North Pole. We’ve loved seeing how these companies have brought people together and given back to their patrons and communities.

In our first post, we asked you to share your own stories of your favorite holiday charity campaigns or anything you do yourself at the holidays to give back. We got a handful of wonderful submissions and wanted to share a few of our favorites, including the winner of our charity donation. Here they are:

Care Packages for the Homeless

We love this idea! It’s such a quick and easy way to give back and to help keep people safe during colder weather. Thanks for sharing!

If you’d like to create your own care packages, check out this list that Portland Rescue Mission put together for items to include.

Big Brother, Big Sister Holiday Fun

Thanks for sharing, Rebecca! Big Brother, Big Sister is such a wonderful program to be involved in year round.

To get involved in a Big Brother, Big Sister chapter near you, check out their website.

Hockey Players at the Food Bank

Hey, we know that guy! Our very own Robin Hopper shared how he loves to take the hockey teams he coaches to shop for families at the local food bank.

To find a food bank, just do a quick Google search for one near you.

Helping Animals in Need

Merri LeDuc spends time working within her community to help animals in need. We reached out to her to learn a bit more about what she does and she told us she helps give baths and giving much needed love to our furry friends. Merri wanted to share that the holiday time is an important time to help animals, but sometimes directly following the holidays is even more important.

“Many people get pets as gifts for the holidays but aren’t prepared for the work it takes so unfortunately many dogs and cats end up back in shelters in the months following December,” Merri shared. “If you plan on getting a pet this Christmas, just make sure you do your research and are ready for the commitment. Pets need forever homes, not just a home for the holidays!”

We completely agree, Merri! That is why your submission is our selection for our charity winner this year. When we chatted with Merri, she asked that we donate to the ASPCA in her name. Love it!

If you’d like to donate to the ASPCA as well, here is where you can go to find multiple ways to give.

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