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The team at Guestlogix stands firmly by it’s customer promise to drive ancillary revenue opportunities, deliver high passenger loyalty and provide the easiest-to-use and easiest-to-implement solution in the market. So while we continue to make huge changes to the organization, the product and development teams have been working feverishly to bring current and potential customers the latest and greatest additions to the current platform, Global Express (GE).

Officially released on July 17th, 2017, GE version 4.1 sees enhancements and additions to the Point of Sale (POS), Back Office System (BOS) and Reports allowing airlines to seamlessly complete onboard transactions for it’s passengers. Here is a sample of the new features and capabilities included:

  • Record and track Rental Item sales to easily collect at the end of the flight
  • Accept Vouchers as a payment type
  • Chip and PIN payment processing of credit cards using Miura M010 card reader: Chip and PIN, Chip and Signature, Swipe.
  • European Tax Model so taxes are included in the marketed price!
  • Send the Crew Messages (on demand or pre-scheduled) via back office configuration
  • SAML/Single Sign On (SSO) for customers with this requirement

For a full walkthrough of Global Express Version 4.1, book a demo with one of our in-house experts! You’ll also want to stay tuned as we tease the new cutting edge products that we’ll be announcing in the fall at the APEX Expo in Long Beach! All updates will be available on this blog and our corporate social accounts so make sure to be following us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for the most recent product and corporate news.

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