For over thirty years now, United and a team of dedicated volunteers have been pulling off the difficult task of transporting children to the North Pole! maybe it isn't the real North Pole but you wouldn't be able to tell. For one day each December, airport gates across the world are transformed into a magical winter wonderland.

Known as "The Fantasy Flight", the purpose of this annual campaign is to give children affected by illness, poverty, and special needs one care-free day to get completely lost in the holiday spirit. United partners with local hospitals and organizations in a number of different cities across the globe to help make this project possible.

The experience starts when the children are transported to the airport just as they would be when heading to any other destination. They board the plane with the other kids and embark on a one hour flight (yes, they actually take off) to the North Pole! Volunteers in festive attire do everything possible to provide a VIP experience, taking part in the entire day-of-journey to make every moment special.

“For many of the children, it’s the first time they’ve been on an airplane. The magic of flight paired with the magic our volunteers create at airports truly makes for memorable experiences for everyone,” said Bill Watts, director of operations at Washington-Dulles and Fantasy Flight volunteer.

When they arrive at their destination, the participating children are greeted by Santa, Mrs. Claus, the elves, and many other of their favorite storybook characters. The day is filled with music, treats, gifts, games, and face painting with the hopes that just for a moment, these children and their families can be relieved from the uphill battle they are facing back home.

Thank you United, for spreading holiday cheer to those who are the most deserving and welcome to the Guestlogix Holiday Hall of Fame!



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