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More and more on-the-ground stores, cafes, and restaurants are starting to offer alternative mobile payments (AMPs) for their customers. It's only a matter of time before airlines follow suit and consistently offer passengers the options to pay that they are accustomed to on the ground.

With the rise of reliable inflight wifi, the opportunity for airlines to add mobile payments is greater due to the better connectivity. Connectivity has been a huge roadblock for airlines in the adoption of AMPs but it hasn't been the only issue. Airlines are reluctant to add AMPs to planes due to new integration costs and complexities as well as security issues.

However, since passengers are doing more on their phones during their journeys, airlines will have to weigh the costs of their challenges with the cost of not offering such a valued service.

CellPoint Mobile surveyed airline payment specialists to learn what the main challenges and opportunities are in AMP implementation. Below are highlights from the opportunities airlines see:

Airline Mobile Payments

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