• Create Cart Plans for specific tails or broader coverage areas.
  • Sync with catering company to provide access to cart plans.
  • Manage seals end-to-end from warehouse to onboard and back.


  • Add any type of product or service: food and beverage, comfort items, duty free, virtual goods (e.g., priority boarding), destination-based products, rentals, etc.
  • Specify Cabin Class for items

Payments & Taxes

  • Easily manage complex duties and taxes for global customers
  • Define single or multiple taxes by various geographical and coverage areas
  • Associate to tax groups / tax types
  • Include taxes in price
  • Specify acceptable payment types

Import Feeds

  • Flight schedule, crew list, products, price list, port info, packing plan, and more.

Inventory Reconciliation

  • Full inventory reconciliation based on flight route beginning at warehouse to onboard and back.
  • Ability to auto-reconcile or manually reconcile inventory and seals and change status for further review as required and raise follow-up on discrepancies.

Cash Reconciliation

  • Full cash reconciliation based on sales and deposits reported onboard.
  • Ability to auto-reconcile or manually reconcile cash and change status for further review as required and raise / follow-up on discrepancies.



  • Create campaigns for custom date ranges
  • Choose a markdown or combo promotion type
  • Specify a promotion zone of destination airports
  • Define a coverage area for your promotion by Flight Types, origin, destination, day of the week, and time of day.
  • Set promotions for pre-orders or inflight purchases
  • Promotions can be targeted to specific blends of Cabin Classes and sales channels


  • Target return flyers based on their previous purchases
  • Optimize messaging based on information gained from social media through passenger app

Analytics & Machine Learning

  • See what campaigns resonate with your passengers
  • Receive optimized suggestions of campaigns to run (the when, where, and what) based on passenger data
  • Get a better understanding of what is packed on flights vs. what is being sold
  • Predict how to pack flights more efficiently


  • Create unique upgrades for passengers, like priority boarding.


ios and android

Easy sign on

  • SSO makes it easy to quickly sign into the application.

Flight details

  • Flight details are automatically synced into the app.

Crew messages

  • Receive messages from onboard or on-ground crew members to stay in sync

Detailed Home Screen

  • Get an at-a-glance look of the day on the home screen including trip, location, weather, etc.

Simple Flight Open & Close

  • Open and close your flights faster than before with easy inventory checks

SDK Restful API

  • Integrate our POS capabilities into your mobile app via our API/SDK

Order Taking

Detailed Catalogue

  • Add product images and details.

Item Stock Out

  • Quickly make note of items that are out of stock on your cart or galley
  • Track how many people ask for an item after it’s stocked out

Cart view

  • Easily see and manage what a customer has already ordered

Promotion Pop Ups

  • Get alerts of ongoing promotions once you add certain items to the cart – no need to memorize promotions!

Inventory Aware

  • Communicate easily between the front, middle, and back of the plane

Passenger Self-Serve Orders

Seat view

  • See where your passengers with requests are seated

Passenger details

  • Get a quick view of what each passenger has ordered
  • Passenger information imported from their connected social account including name and photo

Delivery Tracking

  • Mark off when orders are delivered to avoid confusion

Filter orders

  • Filter by order type (e.g., drink, duty-free, or meal)


  • Search for passenger requests by name or seat number


Accept Multiple Forms of Payment

  • Secure credit card payments, Cash, Apple Pay, WeChat, Alipay, Loyalty Points, Vouchers/Coupons

Multiple Currencies

  • Accept multiple currencies onboard

Discounts & Complimentary Items

  • Easily compliment items or entire orders in just one tap
  • Add reason codes for complimentary items (e.g., voucher, flight delay, passenger birthday, etc.)

Split Payments

  • Split order payments between multiple cards, loyalty points, vouchers, cash, or multiple currencies


  • Works in all states – internet connection or not
  • Checks & balances with validating card including credit card black lists
  • Scheduled retries with cards with a historical fail rate of less than 2%

End-to-End Processing

  • Guestlogix processes your payments from end-to-end. If you already have a preferred processor, there’s no need to switch.


  • Email or print receipts (dependent on hardware)

Process Refunds

Recommended Hardware

  • iOS/Android
  • IPC Sleeve
    Magtek Swipey
  • Anywhere Commerce – Walker C2X


ios and android

SDK Restful API

  • Integrate our functionality into your currently existing mobile apps

Sign on options

  • Let passengers easily sign into the app with email or social credentials

Add Flight Info

  • For faster service, passengers can add their info before boarding


  • Default: Passengers can view a default catalogue of what’s typically available onboard
  • Specific Flights: Passengers can see what items or promotions are available for their specific flight


  • Pre-order food to be delivered on the plane, virtual goods to enhance experience, comfort items, or more.
  • Order from personal device while on board.

Order Status

  • See notification for approved order, service window for delivery, order out for delivery, or canceled order.


  • View past flights and orders.

Service Ratings

  • Gather net promoter score data with a simple service rating survey after each order.


  • Store payment information for faster purchases and allow notifications to alert for deals and purchase updates.


Pre-Pay with Credit or Loyalty Card

  • Pay In Flight

Frictionless Payment

  • Stored information makes it easier for customers to pay in advance or onboard

Payment on Delivery

  • Hold on amount when ordered, charged when delivered

Payment Reports

    • Payments collected from onboard sales
    • Tax report
    • Coupons report
    • Cash discrepancy
    • Transaction report
    • Payment types

Inventory Reports

    • Show inventory status including opening, depletion due to sales, and closing counts
    • Stock out: show what items were requested and out of stock
    • Inventory discrepancy
    • Seal discrepancy
    • Rental items
    • Wastage

Sales Reporting

    • Compliment report
    • Best Time of Day/Week/Month
    • Revenue
    • Promotions/Campaigns

Route Reporting

    • Most profitable routes
    • Least profitable routes
    • Most & least profitable products
    • Benchmarking

Customer Satisfaction

    • Happiest Customers by Demographic
    • Happiest by Route
    • Loyalty
    • Customers by demographic

Crew Reports

    • Sales
    • Service Time
    • Commissions

Device Reports

    • Devices in the field
    • Last Synced

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