Captivate travelers with winning campaigns.

A better onboard retail solution

Better Campaigns

Segment customers with greater accuracy and ensure only the most relevant offers (products and services for specific time frames, channels, locations, and cabin classes) are delivered to them.

Instant Promotions

Implement marketing promotions on the spot and communicate to passengers via in-app promotions, push messages, SMS campaigns, POS offers for crew to communicate or even e-mail, from one platform.


Target return flyers based on their previous purchases and optimize messaging based on information gained from social media through the passenger app.

User Friendly

The intuitive design and functions ensure that users of varying digital skills can access the tools to launch winning campaigns.

Product Highlights

A detailed catalogue that rivals on-the-ground retail

Easy Campaign Creation

Marketing teams can create promotions quickly and easily with the Campaign tool. By launching promotions through one platform, all systems will be synced so the POS will receive alerts of new campaigns and passengers and crew will get notified through their app of new offers.

Better visibility into the needs of passengers.

Data-Driven Marketing

See what campaigns resonate with your passengers and even receive optimized suggestions of the types of campaigns to run (the when, where, and what) based on passenger and inventory data.

See the full list of features for the Flight Attendant POS.

Features List

Boost ancillary revenue while enabling your passengers to purchase what they want, when they want, how they want.

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