Introducing the Guestlogix Airline Commerce Platform

The wants and needs of airlines can sometimes be at odds with the wants and needs of their passengers. While airlines need to increase ancillary revenue to make a profit from their flights, passengers don't want to feel like they are being nickel and dimed especially when they are being asked to pay for products and services that used to be free. 

At Guestlogix we’ve developed an airline commerce platform that enables airlines to enhance their passenger’s experience to increase ancillary revenue. Our mission is to help airlines empower passengers and unleash their revenue potential with more relevant and personalized ancillary merchandise, intuitive software to shop and pay, and a stronger brand relationship based on deep insights into customer data. We provide the easiest to use and easiest to implement solution that will deliver on airline revenue goals as well as customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Learn how Guestlogix can help your airline boost ancillary revenue while improving your passengers' experience.

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