The path to more revenue is through better passenger experience.

The path to more revenue is through better passenger experience


Through the app, passengers can order products, food, or virtual items during or before their flight ensuring they get exactly what they need during their journey.

Order Tracking

Passengers can see when their order is approved, the service window it’ll be delivered within, and when it’s out for delivery. They can easily access past orders through their app removing the need for emailing or printing receipts.

Frictionless Payment

By storing their preferred payment option of credit or mileage/loyalty points in the app, orders can be as simple as a few taps of the finger.

Loyalty & Satisfaction

Personalize passengers’ experiences to create loyal customers. Track satisfaction scores with simple polls after every flight for a better understanding of what makes customers happy.


Streamline ordering for more control

Streamline ordering for more control.

With a personal concierge right in their pocket, passengers can browse the onboard catalog, make completely frictionless payments with multiple methods and currencies, and take control of their comfort and stress with personalized, relevant ancillary merchandise.

A personalized travel experience

A personalized travel experience.

Gather information from passenger profiles, like birthday, frequent orders, past trips, and more, to help tailor their service. Does a passenger order a snack and soda every flight? Offer them up their favorites before they even have to ask.

See the full feature list for the passenger app.

Features List

Boost ancillary revenue while enabling your passengers to purchase what they want, when they want, how they want.

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