Manage operations and build
campaigns all in one platform.

Manage operations and build  campaigns all in one platform


It doesn’t matter if you run your own provisioning or use a catering company; you’ll be able to easily track your inventory from warehouse to onboard and back.


Create and manage an attractive and easy-to-navigate catalogue of all your onboard products and services that is automatically updated across all channels (mobile apps, POS, pre-ordering website, etc.)


Make onboard sales more enticing by running personalized campaigns on your products for specific time frames, channels,  destination, cabin classes – the sky is the limit.


Leverage machine learning and data to target return flyers based on previous purchases and optimize messaging to specific passengers through the passenger app.


Gather actionable data on your passengers and flights

Gather actionable data on your passengers and flights.

Through machine learning, you’ll be able to see trends in your inventory, flights, and passengers, allowing you to create more efficient flights. You’ll be able to predict the needs of specific legs so that you no longer will over or under stock your galley.

Easily launch winning campaigns

Easily launch winning campaigns.

Your marketing team can create promotions quickly and easily from the Campaign Wizard. By launching your promotions through the Management Console, all systems will be synced so your Flight Attendant POS will get alerts of new campaigns and your passengers will get notified when they can get a great deal.

See the full list of features for the Management Console.


Boost ancillary revenue while enabling your passengers to purchase what they want, when they want, how they want.

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