Guestlogix's Playbooks make personalized retailing easy.

Personalization has been held up as the promised land for airline ancillary revenue growth since before 2008, the year NDC was launched.

The reality of achieving personalization has been more challenging than expected across the industry. But the prize is as alluring as ever: the ability to influence and improve the ways your passengers travel, growing ancillary revenues while simultaneously exceeding expectations in customer experience. 

Our Playbooks outline battle-hardened strategies, proven to help our partners reach their personalization goals in days and weeks, not months or years.

This Playbook unlocks the first "Recipe" in Guestlogix's Playbooks: a bite-sized taste of the power of personalized retailing, made fun and easy. You'll learn how to start using Guestlogix's platform to activate easy Embeddable Elements, which integrate personalized recommendations into your own mobile, web, and email presence. 


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