By now, you have probably seen this guy’s video that's been trending all over Twitter and the major news outlets. You know the one where he can’t afford a Hawaiian vacation so fakes it by green screening himself into various vacation scenarios? Yeah, that's the one. Here it is again, if you need to refresh yourself:


Okay, so admittedly, a lot of companies  are writing posts to try and jump on the bandwagon of popularity, and you must be thinking, can this humble blog post from a travel commerce company be any different? Well, I have this theory about this video and how it actually relates (for realsies) to those of us in the travel technology industry. There's a learning moment here, people.

Travel personalization is at the heart here

Sure faking a trip is cheaper, but what’s really going on here is that this person got to choose exactly the experience he wanted. In other words, travel personalization is the real hero of this man’s mythical journey, not the cost aversion of vacationing, nor the cultural statement about the prevalence of social media influencers needing to promote exceptional experiences. The main takeaway (for me, at least) is that people want more control over their travel activities, locations, experiences, etc. And to have the option to put yourself into whatever situation your green screen will allow, is no different than how people want to travel. It may be an absurd way of showing it, but it’s a truth about traveling that we should all take heed in the travel industry: people want more control!

So let’s all do what we can to help make every traveler's dream vacation (both green screened and real) something that they can actually discover, research, book, and ultimately, achieve.

And then promote on social media, of course.




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