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Halloween is upon us which means candy, costumes, and ghosts! Hopefully if you're flying today, you don't have to stop in any of these creepy airports – at least not at night. To get you in the Halloween spirit, we've compiled a short list of what we think are the creepiest airport ghost sightings. If you're brave, read with your cabin light off!




Denver International Airport

Many claim that the activity at Denver International Airport can be attributed to its location: a sacred Native American burial ground. Employees have reported hearing and seeing things as well as a general uneasy feeling in the airport. Potential ghosts aside, the airport has some spooky elements like weird art and a bizarre 32-foot bronco statue with glowing red eyes (lovingly nicknamed Blucifer) that add to its creep-out factor. Maybe try to avoid overnight layovers in this airport.


heathrow ghost



In life, Dick Turpin was a scoundrel who caused a commotion everywhere he went. In the afterlife, it appears nothing has changed. The notorious highwayman stole and murdered his way around London before finally being sentenced to death by gallows – where he ended up hanging himself. His ghost is seen all around the city with many reports at Heathrow. Passengers and airline employees report feeling hot breath on their necks and the sound of a man causing a ruckus even when no one is around.





Bangalore International Airport

A lady in white has been spotted by pilots and crew members at BIAL. She has appeared in various areas including the runway and cargo building, but when approached she disappeared. After the first reports of her sightings, many airport staff members refused to work night shifts. Some have also claimed to have seen a headless apparition in other areas of the airport.





Honolulu Airport

Not to be confused with the Bangalore lady in white, another white-clad ghost lady can be spotted at Honolulu Airport. Legend has it she is waiting for a man who promised to marry her but then left on an international flight to never return. She has been seen at a gate looking longingly out on to the runway. Other Honolulu Airport ghosts include a bathroom ghost that unrolls toilet paper, slams toilet seats, and flushes toilets; a ghost that hangs out in a shuttle that goes between terminals; and a ghost who sits on travelers’ chests – fun!





Duluth International Airport

A woman who was murdered nearby is said to now haunt the airport. Security guards have reported seeing the woman multiple times and she has set off security alarms and opened and closed doors. Some think that she haunts the airport because her killer went to the airport to hide after killing her and she is seeking revenge.





Chandler Airport

In the main terminal of Chandler Airport, workers have seen apparitions come out of the walls near a ticket booth as well as an older man watching for invisible planes taking off out of the old control tower. People have even claimed to see figures walking around inside the terminal when it was empty. Workers in a restaurant next to the terminal have heard voices and seen a plate inexplicably rattle.

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