Retail Platform

laptop and computer screenshots of ORT platformCore to everything that GuestLogix does, is our award-winning retail platform. Used by over 65 travel operators the world over, we have created one of the largest connected marketplaces in the travel retail space. Our platform allows travel operators, suppliers, content providers, logistics personnel and other key stakeholders to have all of the functionality required to manage the complex world of onboard retailing.

The GuestLogix platform incorporates front-end access through customized, branded POS software that can be accessed both by crew and passengers at any travel touch point. Whether through purpose-built POS devices, consumer-grade mobile devices used by crew, in-flight entertainment systems, kiosk or a passenger’s personal devices, GuestLogix can provide you with dynamic POS software designed especially with a travel operator in mind.

The platform’s Back Office solution can be accessed by the travel operator or content providers to monitor retail performance and manage other activities within your retail programs. The solution also features the world’s only advanced analytics tool designed and developed specifically for ancillary revenue performance management – both onboard and throughout a travel operator’s enterprise.

Benefits to your business:

  • Hardware agnostic to ensure full flexibility to the travel operator
  • Works with all access points including smartphones, tablets, seatback IFE, streaming solutions and self-service kiosks
  • Supports a distributed model where the services can be located on servers on the ground, onboard the aircraft or as native applications on mobile devices
  • Scalable, modular implementation for ongoing functionality growth without risking platform stability
  • Customized and branded POS software with consistent and uniform look and feel tailored to travel operator’s organization
  • Supports all potential users including passengers, crew, travel-operator management and travel-operator vendors

No matter your onboard retail requirements, GuestLogix' Onboard Retail Platform gives you the flexibility, security and functionality you need to be a world-class retailer.

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