Assortment of GXI smartphone and tablet solutions

The mobile revolution has changed the way retailers and consumers interact. Understanding the significance of this shift has driven us to create our next generation mobile technology platform. Our mobile POS software incorporates the power and functionality of traditional POS devices but allows sales personnel to better service customers onboard and off board.

GuestLogix Mobile POS Solutions from GuestLogix Inc. on Vimeo.

Supporting the most powerful & popular devices on the market today

GuestLogix ePOS solutions supports iOS, Android and Windows operating systems and different device form factors, making them the leading device and operating agnostic solution on the market today.

Smartphone & tablet sleeves for the travel & retail industries

GuestLogix provides a range of custom-built sleeves with integrated 2D scanner, MSR reader, Chip & Pin reader, Contactless reader, and optional printer for Windows, Android and iOS based smartphones and tablets. The sleeves include standard, as well as extended battery options allowing for longer periods of usage without needing to recharge.

Benefits to your business:

  • Touchscreen interface for quick and easy use
  • Manage all payment types and multiple currencies
  • Manage and track onboard inventories
  • Provide proof of payment and printed receipts
  • Record sales by seat and attendant
  • Manage pricing and promotional activities
  • Easily connect with back-office
  • Support batch and real-time transaction processes