InFlight Entertainment Systems

IFE screen on airplane with view of wing

Having a retail channel within arm’s reach of your passengers is how traditional ecommerce was born. To date, airlines primarily operate their onboard retail programs through Flight Attendants and handheld POS devices. This strategy has created a finite retail period within each flight attached solely to cart runs. The quest for more sustainable revenue streams has airlines leveraging new technologies and product offerings in an effort to capture and increase passenger spending through a variety of access points within the aircraft.

Seatback solutions as a storefront

GuestLogix has partnered with the world’s leading Inflight Entertainment Systems (IFE) providers to monetize their existing and new IFE infrastructure by turning them into onboard storefronts that can provide retail opportunities throughout the duration of the flight. By embedding GuestLogix’ state-of-the-art Transaction Processing Engine™ (TPE) into the IFE system, airlines are provided with a secure, future-proof, PCI-compliant system to deliver food and beverage, duty-free, entertainment or destination-based content no matter what the payment requirements are in the operator’s country. GuestLogix’ TPE  is also fully integrated with the GuestLogix Payment Gateway to provide airlines with a seamless end-to-end payment processing solution.

Self-service retailing

In order to generate a new level of positive passenger experience onboard, airlines will begin to interact with their passengers in new and exciting ways through technology in the cabin.  But the real winners will attach those new interactions with a retail component.  Allowing the passenger to browse and shop for products and having the capabilities to pay for those goods and services without the assistance of the flight crew will improve conversion rates and overall satisfaction of the onboard shopping experience.

Self-service retailing onboard:

  • Allows the airline to augment the value of installed IFE systems by using it as a shopping channel
  • Provides the opportunity for greater ancillary revenue generation onboard by opening up to a broader array of product offerings
  • Enhances the passenger shopping experience increased retail availability
  • Shifts IFE systems from a expense-based offering to a sustainable revenue generator

GuestLogix is currently partnered with Panasonic AvionicsThales and Global Eagle Entertainment, the industry leaders in IFE technology and solutions.