Global Payment Gateway™

No other industry requires a truly global set of payment capabilities. Whether you are doing business in multiple jurisdictions or serving a customer set from around the world, tapping into a payment gateway that can support your evolving set of business requirements is imperative to keep your retail initiatives thriving and your operations and passengers secure.

The GuestLogix Payment Gateway provides for authorization, settlement and clearing services along with several unique and useful features for payment transactions and accepts all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Amex, JCB, Diners, Discover and China UnionPay in more than 144 countries and 6 continents.

GuestLogix supports card transactions in offline (store and forward) batch or online real-time mode, as well as a combination of both modes and accepts the following payment methods:  

  • EMV transactions (both Chip & PIN and Chip & Signature)
  • Non-EMV (swipe) transactions
  • Contactless card transactions
  • Mobile-based Near Field Communication (NFC) transactions
  • e-Commerce transactions

Key services:

  • Authorization of captured transactions
  • Settlement and clearing of authorized transactions
  • Fraud reduction mechanisms
  • Automated recovery of declined transactions through proprietary algorithms
  • Extensive reporting to monitor payment transactions
  • Complete Merchant of Record (MOR) services

Benefits to your business:

  • One-stop shop for the management of payments
  • Fraud reduction features to maximize revenue
  • Scalable, modular implementation for future functionality growth
  • Seamless interaction across systems and functions
  • Flexibility of integration with any acquirer around the world
  • Fully outsourced Merchant Services
  • GuestLogix’ Master Merchant of Record option to be able to offer goods and services from multiple merchants (vendors) in a single shopping basket

Discover the industry's most popular gateway payment service.